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H.R.H. The Princess Margriet opens the exhibition “Juliana, a life in dolls”

  Arrival H.R.H Princess margriet Photo’s © Conno Bochoven (HetKompasonline)   photo’s ©Museum Hoeksche Waard,Kilian Lindenberg   October 28th 2022 H.R.H. The Princess Margriet of the Netherlands opened the exhibition “Juliana, a life in dolls”, at the museum Hoeksche waard in Heineoord. Her mother Queen Juliana received over 600 doll during her reign and a […]

Opening exhibition “The Century of Juliana”

  Princess Beatrix has opened the exhibition about her mother “The Century of Juliana” in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. We were invited because we did part of the audio tour commentating on the section where a number of Dutch royal memorabilia plates are presented; our seats were in the reserved section in row nine […]

Prince Bernhard series

Yesterday a filmcrew filmed us for a three part docu series on the life of prince Bernhard. The series is being made by film director Joost van Ginkel.   Van Ginkel works as a freelance television producer and also writes film scripts. His first short film Zand (2008), self-published, was selected for the Venice Film […]

Opening exhibition “Juliana, a life in dolls”


NTR 4 part Television series on the life of Queen Wilhelmina

  NTR 4 part Television series on the life of Queen Wilhelmina called “Wilhelmina , a Life  for the throne” Starts april 25th -april 28th on NPO 2. DenRonCollections features in part one.

TV recordings for documentary on the life of Queen Wilhelmina

On december 10 tv recordings were made at our house for a 4 part TV documentary on the life of Queen Wilhelmina. To be aired in may 2022 when it is 60 years ago Queen Wilhelmina died. t The research team The crew

Queen Juliana Dolls exhibitions opens in Hanau Germany

The exhibition on the life of Queen Juliana “Juliana a life in Dolls” has opened in the German city Hanau. You can visit the exhibition at the Hessisches puppen & spielzeugmuseum. We take part in this exhibition with some items from our collection.

The exhibition Queen Juliana a life in Dolls

Foto’s Marcel Hectors         DenRon Collections goes international  Special exhibition: July 15th – Octobre 31th 2021 Queen Juliana – A life in dolls From July 2021, we will be presenting a unique collection of dolls from Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (1948-1980) at  the museum Manufaktur der Träume in  Annaberg Buchholz Germany.   After […]

King Willem-Alexander opens the exhibition on the Golden Coach

    Yesterday June 17th, King Willem-Alexander opened the exhibition on the Golden Coach at the Amsterdam Museum. He was given the accompanying book and visited the exhibition. Afterwards he said he was very impressed with the exhibition. On the 16th all the people who contributed to the exhibition were invited for a preview. We […]

The book “De Gouden Koets” Een geschenk van Amsterdam

The book De Gouden Koets / a gift from Amsterdam will be published on June 15th. This book is the accompanying book to the exhibition in the Amsterdam Museum about the Golden Carriage. We have cooperated with both. The book can already be ordered at BOL.COM

DenRonCollections in TV magazine VISIE

We are featured in a special edition for the Kings Birthday in the TV magazine VISIE

DenRonCollections in exhibition Golden Coach Amsterdam Museum

As you may have read in the press, the Dutch Royal Golden Coach will be on display in the Amsterdam Museum in 2021. This is the first time the coach has been on display following the major restoration, which commenced in 2016. The Golden Coach was given as a gift by the people of Amsterdam […]

DenRonCollections on YouTube

You can watch the following films on YouTube about our collection:   1) denroncollections trailer 2) Prinses Beatrix: 80 jaar in een verzameling  (NAP nieuws) 3) Een kijkje in het leven van oranjeverzamelaars Dennis en Ron|Blauw Bloe 4) Digitaal fit-wat is jouw conditie? (Netwerk Digitaal erfgoed)    

Denroncollections on Twitter

You can also follow us on Twitter @DenRonCol

Film & interview for Network digital heritage

Yesterday, November 4th, we welcomed the Bobcat media film crew together with presenter Andrea van Pol (known for, among other things, the radio program “Early Birds” and the TV program “Kunstuur”). They came to make a video that will be used on the nonference “Digital fit in the network” during the opening of the digital […]

Interview NRC newspaper

Last week we were interviewed by Floor Zijp. She writes a column for the Saturday edition of  NRC newspaper, called Mediavreters. When it will be published is not yet known, but we keep you posted. Wanneer het stuk verschijnt    

A glimpse into the life of collectors of the Dutch Royal House of Orange Dennis & Ron

 Have a look at our video on the Dutch Royalty website   also on youtube Blauw bloed  ( from may 12th).

Royal Fans

  From next week available online at a look into the world of collectors of Royal commemoratives, including us .  

The Book “The patriot behind the pot”

    Just published by  Wytze Stellingwerf.   In this book are many illustrations, one of them is from our collection.     The Patriot behind the pot. A historical and archaeological study of ceramics, glassware and politics in the Dutch household of the Revolutionary Era 1780-1815 (Artikelnr: 9789089320261) Vergroot The Patriot behind the pot. […]

Blauw Bloed Editing

The editing  started  of our part in the new Online Blauw Bloed program on Royalty collectors.

Interview Blauw Bloed online program

Today we were filmed and interviewd for a new online program on Royalty collectors by the Dutch Royalty TV show Blauw Bloed. We will let you know as soon as it is online.

Website photo album problems

We regret that our website is not functioning optimally. The photo albums are not visible! We are working hard on a solution.

Update of our website

Perhaps it is known that a website without and SSL certificate is characterised by almost all search engines such as Google, Firefox etc. as unsafe. Almost every website must also be provided with a privacy statement, in accordance with EU legislation. Our website has been updated and meets the requirements of a secure website now […]

Twee kranten knipsels uit de oude doos

Hierbij 2 kranten knipsels van de  Oranje beurs in Assen die helaas niet meer bestaat. Deze artikelen zij uit 1995 & 1996

From the archives of DenRonCollections

A few years ago the Dutch Antique and collectors magazine published an article on our Queen Wilhelmina portrait spoons.

Interview NAP news Beatrix 80 years

This morning we were interviewd by NAP news. This because princess Beatrix celebrates her 80th birthday tomorrow. You can watch the filmed interview online from tomorrow  on :

DenRon Collections Ambassadors platform Online Musea

As from the first of januari 2018 DenRon Collections are ambassadors for Online Musea. Online musea is the platform for collectors and is founded in 2013. The collectors who are members get their own hallmark and a certificate from Online musea. Unique museum worthy collections you can only view online. These collectors protect our cultural […]

DenRon Collections wins 1st price jury Online Musea

Jury report for the 1st prize of “MIJN TOPSTUK” 2017 A beautiful presentation of the Wilhelmina Plate 1898. A museum worthy presentation with many aspects covering a collection of commemorative items from the reign of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands. The presentation of the Wilhelmina Plate is very well looked after in every respect. […]

Wij stoppen met de Oranje Beurzen

Na lang beraad hebben wij besloten om vanaf volgend jaar niet meer mee te doen aan de Oranje Beurzen. Wij hebben dit altijd met veel plezier gedaan en willen iedereen van organisatoren tot bezoeker hartelijk  bedanken ! Dit betekent niet dat wij stoppen met verzamelen dit blijft onze passie.

Dutch historical magazine

The Dutch historical magazine wants to promote the history of the counties of North and South Holland and is published 4 times a year. In their latest publishing is an article on the history of one of our Amsterdam souvenir spoons. The article was written by Anne Petterson.

From the archives of DenRon Collections

Here a publication on our collection in the Dutch Royalty magazine “Vorsten” from February 1995: Klick on photo to enlarge!

From the archives of DenRon Collections

In 2010 a book was published on Dutch traditions called ” Gezelligheid kent geen tijd”. In this book they showed a few items from our collection. The book was published by Terra and was written by Jack Botermans and Wim van Grinsven.

Donation to add to our collection

“We have recently received a donation from Mrs. Annemarie den Dulk to add to our collection. The donation consists of various items such as greeting and thank you cards, photographs, programs, etc many personally signed by the Dutch royal family. These were the private property of her father Mr. L. den Dulk. He served the […]

Den Ron Collections on TV in Blauw Bloed may 7 2016

On Saturday may 7 19.45 on Nederland 2 Den Ron Collections on TV.

TV recordings for the Royalty program Blauw Bloed

In February and on april 9 2016 the  Dutch Royalty TV show Blauw Bloed has made recordings of our collection. These will be aired later this month. Here some photo’s of the recordings.

The Dutch hyacinth bulb glass book

15 januari t/m 13 maart 2016 An exhibition of Dutch hyacinth bulb glasses at the National Glass Museum in Leerdam. A book on the subject has been published to coincide with the exhibition. In this book an article on the hyacinth bulb glass made for the Inauguration of Queen Wilhelmina in 1898 which is a […]

From the archives of DenRon Collections

In may 1998 we went to a large auction of Dutch Royal commemoratives in the city of Dordrecht. The auction got a lot of attention in the dutch press, here are some newspaper articles: (click on photo to enlarge)

Royal Library

As part of the initiative of the Royal Library (KB) to save a selection of Dutch websites for future research, we also want to archive your website and keep them for the long term. It’s about the website and any associated subdomains accessible at the following URL (s): DenRon Collections Websites often contain valuable information […]

Interview Royalty magazine MAXIMA

The Dutch Royalty magazine Maxima reporter Yvonne Hoebe has written an article on our collection. You can read this in the july edition of MAXIMA magazine . For sale from 9-7-2015.

Dennis en Ron at Royal Palace Het Loo exhibition

Dennis en Ron | Guest expo on Paleis het Loo From october 8 until januari 8 there is an exhibition on Dutch Royal commemoratives at the Royal Palace Het Loo called ” Oranje boven”. We show a small part of our collection as quests for two weeks starting november 29. Dutch TV made an item on […]

The award goes to…. DenRon Collections Amsterdam!

The award goes to…. DenRon Collections Amsterdam! In november 2009 we won the first Dutch Collectors award, with our collection on Dutch Royal commemoratives. W

Nominated for the Dutch Collectors Award

DenRon Colletions is nominated for the Dutch collectors award 2009 in the category Males over 18 years old. There are 5 finalists. The winner will be announced on november 21 at the Large Collectors fair in Utrecht. DenRon Collections Amsterdam is nominated for the Dutch Collectors Award in the category men 18 years and older (5 […]