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Our collection

Our collection

Our collections

You will probably have noticed that the word “collections” suggests more than one, well this is correct we also have a second small collection of a few delightful souvenirs from the 1883 World Exhibition in Amsterdam.

DenRon Collections, was conceived in 1996 when we decided to give our collections just a little more edge. Instead of wandering around flea markets buying in dribs and drabs we decided to just go for it and assemble together a collection with a purpose. What is that purpose? We are both great admirers of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands, thus the reason why from that day in 1996 we pledged to collect as much of the memorabilia made for this fascinating monarch. Of course as the collection grew the availability of “quality” items shrunk. This will be easily recognizable to all collectors. This is why we also have other collectables of other members of the Dutch Royal family in our collection. These last years however we have concentrated on items from the line of heritance for the Dutch throne and from the period preceding Queen Wilhelmina.

In 10 years we have managed to gather a collection of world class with many unique and stunning pieces dating from 1813 when the Netherlands became a constitutional monarchy, 1884 when H.R.H. The Princess Wilhelmina became heiress presumptive, 1898 when she was Inaugurated as H.M. Queen of The Netherlands just 1 week following her 18th birthday and all of the milestones in her life to 1962 when she finally closed her eyes for the last time. We also have a number of pieces from the Stadholders period from late 18th century.

Besides all these exquisite items, we also privately issued a limited number of pottery pieces to commemorate special occasions.