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HISTORY Welcome in our MUSEUM

DenRon Collections, was conceived in 1996 when we decided to give our collections just a little more edge. We are both great admirers of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands, thus the reason why from that day in 1996 we pledged to collect as much of the memorabilia made for this fascinating monarch. With this website we love to tell you more about it.

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Latest News

Prince Bernhard series

Yesterday a filmcrew filmed us for a three part docu series on the life of prince Bernhard. The series is being made by film director Joost van Ginkel.   Van Ginkel works as a freelance television producer and also writes film scripts. His first short film Zand (2008), self-published, was selected for the Venice Film […]

Opening exhibition “Juliana, a life in dolls”


NTR 4 part Television series on the life of Queen Wilhelmina

  NTR 4 part Television series on the life of Queen Wilhelmina called “Wilhelmina , a Life  for the throne” Starts april 25th -april 28th on NPO 2. DenRonCollections features in part one.


Our collection consists of various items. Below you will find a selection of the categories in our collection.

  • Beakers
  • Plates
  • Remember cloths
  • Statues
  • Glassware
  • Pins and Buttons
  • Penningen
  • Jars
  • Postcards
  • Cup and saucers
  • Dutch Royal Family
  • British Royal Family
  • Silk portraits
  • Puppets
  • Vases

Latest History

he Orange tree (apple) as a symbol on Oranjalia

The Oranjeboom ( Orange tree) is often used on earthenware porcelain glass and ephemera as a symbol of unity between the House of Orange and the Netherlands. How did this actually come about? René van Chalon of the Nassau-Breda branch was head of a principality, in what is now the department of Vaucluse in France, […]

Exhibitions part 2


The bust of Frederica Wilhelmina Louise Hereditary Princess of Orange (1774-1837)

New in our collection is this rare bust of Frederica Wilhelmina Louise princess of Prussia and from 1791 after her marriage to Prince Willem Frederik van Oranje-Nassau the later King Willem I, hereditary princess of Orange. In 1815 she became the first “Orange” Queen of the Netherlands. Elsewhere on the History page there is an […]