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Opening exhibition “Juliana, a life in dolls”



                                                                                              Introduction by Patrick Reeuwijk Director of the Museum Haagedoorns Plaatse

Yesterday we were invited for the opening of the exhibition ” Juliana, a life in dolls” in the Museum Borg/Verhildersum in Leens. It shows you how Juliana, as princess and as queen, received this often personal gift from people and she build up a collection of over 600 dolls. Some are seen here in this exhibition along with many objects and souvenirs, showing the interesting life of this beloved Queen.

The souvenirs are from our collection and the dolls are from the Royal collection.

The exhibition starts may 1st and finishes august 31st 2022.

Justine Marcella did the opening            Director of the Museum Monique Spaltman