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Prince Bernhard series

Yesterday a filmcrew filmed us for a three part docu series on the life of prince Bernhard.

The series is being made by film director Joost van Ginkel.


Van Ginkel works as a freelance television producer and also writes film scripts. His first short film Zand (2008), self-published, was selected for the Venice Film Festival and was selected as the Dutch entry for the Oscars (Academy Award Best Live Action Short). His second short film Kiss (2009) was selected for the Tribeca Film Festival. In 2011, he wrote and directed his first feature film 170hz , which received the audience award at the Netherlands Film Festival. The Paradise Suite followed in 2015, which was also selected for the Oscar for best non-English language film.

It was a long and tiring day but an amazing experience. We can't wait for the result.
It will be shown on Videoland in January.

Dennis and Joost van Ginkel                                        the  camera man  Lars and sound woman Bente