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Royal Library

As part of the initiative of the Royal Library (KB) to save a selection of Dutch websites for future research, we also want to archive your website and keep them for the long term. It’s about the website and any associated subdomains accessible at the following URL (s):

Den Ron collections

Websites often contain valuable information that does not appear analog and because of the great “turnaround” at risk of being lost forever. That websites like ‘digital heritage’ retained its worth, is internationally recognized by the UNESCO Charter on the Preservation of the Digital Heritage in 2003. It notes that digital heritage we risk losing and keeping them for use by present and future generation of researchers is very urgent.
As the national library, the KB legally responsible for collecting, describing and storing in Netherlands publications, electronic or not. The KB sees it as its duty to also maintain websites sustainable, to keep consulted for future generations and to avoid their loss example by technological obsolescence.
For this reason, archive the KB websites whose collection a representative picture of the Dutch culture, history and society on the Internet.
Your website will be permanently stored and archived for that purpose. The archive will first take place from October 30, 2015.