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DenRon Collections wins 1st price jury Online Musea

Jury report for the 1st prize of “MIJN TOPSTUK” 2017

A beautiful presentation of the Wilhelmina Plate 1898.

A museum worthy presentation with many aspects covering a collection of commemorative items from the reign of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands.

The presentation of the Wilhelmina Plate is very well looked after in every respect.

The website is a pleasure for the eye for all visitors including non-Dutch speaking visitors as the information and descriptions are written in Dutch and in English. The collection is a piece of heritage for the Netherlands.

The jury is of the opinion that the collection goes far beyond the other summits, taking into account your activities such as a Facebook page and the Holland Historical magazine.

A ten with a star!

jury 1e prijs 2017

1e prijs 2017

Het winnende Bord "MIJN TOPSTUK" 2017
The winning plate

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