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The exhibition was held in the Amsterdam Historic museum from March 1st until the end of August 2008 and was made in honor of the 70th birthday of then Queen Beatrix. It showed the relation ship of the often-obstinate Amsterdammers and the House of Orange through the centuries.

The Royal family also contributed items for this exhibition.

A few months prior we were asked by Annemarie de Wildt, conservator of the museum, if we would participate in the exhibition.

Because it was impossible to show everything we have in our collection it was decided to make life size photographs of our display cabinets. One of the shelves was made to display some of our items. People could thus get a feeling of how it looked in our home.

Other items from our collection were displayed throughout the exhibition.

Queen Beatrix opened the exhibition on February the 29th.

We were invited and following the official opening the Queen, her lady in waiting, the Mayor of Amsterdam and the director and conservator of the museum viewed the exhibition. The rest of the invited guests followed, we were the last ones in the queue. At this moment a security guard asked us to wait because Her Majesty was descending the stairs. Excited to see the Queen up close I quickly took a picture and to our surprise she walked towards us, shook our hands and said” Gentlemen I recognize you from your photo upstairs, you have a very impressive collection”.

This made an already special day even more special, the highlight of our year.



Queen Beatrix opens the exhibition

Our part in the exhibition


Queen Beatrix admiring our part of the exhibition

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