Dagelijks bereikbaar tussen 10:00 - 16:00.

Dagelijks bereikbaar tussen 10:00 - 16:00.

Dagelijks bereikbaar tussen 10:00 - 16:00.

Dagelijks bereikbaar tussen 10:00 - 16:00.

Visits Juliana & Bernhard to the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname.


Suriname and the Dutch Antilles always have had a warm heart for our Royal Family.

During the war years, Juliana and Bernhard visited the overseas territories, as Princess Juliana she visited Suriname in 1943 and a few months later the Netherlands Antilles.

Prince Bernhard was already in Suriname in 1942 where he visited the bauxite mines, among other things.

However, they were not the first member of the house of Orange to visit here. In 1835 Prince Frederik Hendrik, the 3rd son of King Willem II, visited here. On 5th of July he was present at the inauguration of the new Reformed Church in Paramaribo.

At the end of 1955 the first Royal visit took place first to the Antilles and then to Suriname.


Welcome in Suriname 1955.

During the visit to the Antilles, the Curaçao petroleum company / Royal Shell published a magazine called  “de Passaat” full of photos of this visit.

In Suriname, Juliana and Bernhard also had a full program; a festive entry into Paramaribo and visits to companies and institutions, Prince Bernhard opened the Surinamese beer brewery. A trip through the jungle was made and also a boat trip on the river.

The beer brewer “Heineken” made a very limited edition Heineken beer glass too commemorate this visit. These are now highly sought after by both Heineken and Orange collectors.


This visit must not have been easy for the couple, as their relationship was strained due to the Greet Hofmans affair that was going on at that time.

The second visit followed 10 years later in 1965. A memorial cloth of this visit was made.



In 1978 Queen and Prince were again in Suriname for a 7-day state visit, this time to an independent Suriname. Suriname became independent in 1975. It was also her last visit here as head of state.