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On august 31 2017 it is 20 years ago that princess Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris.

In her short life thousands of souvenirs were made to commemorate important events in her life.

When she married prince Charles in 1981 so many souvenirs were for sale that the Royal commemorative society issued a catalog of 280 pages of the items that were produced for this event.

Most were mass produced cheap items but some of the more well known factories made some more expensive and exclusive items for this event.

In 1982 for her 21st birthday souvenirs were made.

In 1992 her marriage with prince Charles failed and the couple separated.

In 1996 the divorce was finalised. For both occasions commemoratives were made.

In 1997 on august 31 this still loved princess lost her life in a car accident in Paris. Many in memoriam souvenirs were made. Here are some from our collection in memory of Diana princess of Wales.

Beker uitgegeven t.g.v de verloving van Charles & Diana

engagement 1981

Emaille beker gemaakt door Halcyon days enamels t.g.v het huwelijk van Charles en Diana 1981.
Enamel beaker made by Halcyon days enamels to commemorate the wedding of Charles & Diana 1981

emaille 2

Kelk gemaakt van fijn porselein in luster glazuur . De kelk is gezeten in een bronzen draak ( de draak is het symbool van Wales). De kelk is gemaakt door een kleine studio in Worcester en is uitgegeven in een zeer beperkte oplage.

Chalice made of fine bone china lustre ware and set in a bronze dragon. Made by a small studio in Worcester in a limited edition for the wedding of Charles & Diana in 1981.

C&D 2

Mug made for the 21st birthday of princess Diana.
Made by Caverswal
Catalogus met 280 pagina's aan huwelijkssouvenirs. Uitgegeven door de Royal Commemorative Society UK.

Catalog issued by the Royal Commemorative Society with 280 pages of all the souvenirs made for the wedding of Charles & Diana.

1992 11992 3

Beker t.g.v de scheiding van Charles & Diana in 1992.

Mug made to commemorate the seperation of Charles & Diana 1992.
Beker t.g.v de officiële scheiding in 1996.

Mug made to commemorate the official divorce of Charles & Diana 1996.
In memoriam beker limited edition van 400. Uitgave door Paul Wyton & Joe Spiteri 1997.

1997 2

Loving cup in Memoriam commisioned by
Paul Wyton & Joe Spiteri 1997.