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In 1813 Prince Willem, son of King Willem I, was engaged to be married to the British crown Princess Charlotte Augusta, daughter of the later King George IV; Charlotte however, broke off the engagement.

Czar Alexander of Russia was a good friend of the Dutch crown Prince Willem and he proposed a marriage with his sister Anna Paulownia, they got married on the 21st of February 1816.

In 1840 her father in law, King Willem I, abdicated as he wanted to marry for the second time with a countess Henriette d’Outremont. His son became King Willem II and Anna became Queen of the Netherlands on October 7th 1840 until 1849.

The family ties with Russia continued with the marriage of the son of King Willem II, Willem III with Sophie van Württemberg a cousin of Anna Paulowna. Queen Wilhelmina also married a Romanov offspring. Prince Hendrik was a great grandchild of the eldest sister of Anna Paulowna.

Sophie became Queen of the Netherlands in 1849 until her death in 1877, she was the daughter of Catharina Paulownia off Russia daughter of Czar Paul I.

Below some related items from our collection ( except for the painting):

pijlkop gemaakt t.g.v de inhuldiging van koning Willem II en Koningin Anna Paulowna 1840.

porcelain pipe made for the inauguration of king Willem II and Queen Anna Paulowna 1840.
Jan Willem Pieneman Huwelijksportret van Willem en Anna Paulowna als kroonprinselijkpaar, 1816 paneel, 34,5 x 30 cm Tilburg, Stadsmuseum, collectie gemeente Tilburg

Jan Willem Pieneman
Portrait of the marriage of King Willem en Anna Paulownia , 1816
paneel, 34,5 x 30 cm
Tilburg, Stadsmuseum, collectie gemeente Tilburg
engels creamware bord met portret Koning Willem II

english creamware plate with portrait of King Willem II.
beeldjes van Koning Willem III en zijn echtgenote Koningin Sophie uit 1874

figurines of King Willem III and Queen Sophie 1874


doek t g v het overlijden van Koningin Sophie 1877

cotton cloth made in memoriam for Queen Sophie 1877.
bordje gemaakt in 1934 t.g.v het overlijden van prins Hendrik
plate made in memoriam for Prince Hendrik husband of Queen Wilhelmina in 1934