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It is a tradition to make printed textiles to celebrate Royal events. Usually cotton handkerchiefs or flags with the portrait of the monarch.

Also to commemorate important moments in history like the battle of Waterloo or the celebration of the 1st centenary of Dutch Independence in 1913 are printed on textile.

In 1813 when the Netherlands became a Kingdom the house of Orange became more popular and their portraits were printed on commemorative textiles, usually in the colours orange or red.

They were made in different sizes, the large ones were used as neckerchiefs.

The market was flooded with these printed textiles when the young Queen Wilhelmina was inaugurated in 1898. Printed textile souvenirs were also made in 1901 for her wedding and for her jubilees in 1923, 1938 and 1948.

Specially woven damask table linen was also made as commemorative items. One example was usually given to the King or Queen as a gift.

For example when Princess Beatrix married Prince Claus in 1966 a commemorative damask tablecloth and napkin set was presented to them as a wedding gift.

This tradition is still kept alive today; when King Willem- Alexander was enthroned in 2013 the firm Vlisco made a limited edition commemorative textile to celebrate this moment.

info from the Museum of Textiles in Nijmegen

Here are some examples from our collection:

Het oudste doek in ons bezit is deze uit 1863 t.g.v 50 jaar Koninkrijk 1813-1863
the oldest textile in our collection is this one from 1863 to commemorate 50 years of Dutch independence and monarchy
doek gemaakt in 1874 t.g.v het zilveren jubileum van Koning Willem III
textile made for the silver jubilee King Willem III 1874
Prinses Wilhelmina ca 1884
Princess  Wilhelmina ca 1884


doek gemaakt t.g.v de inhuldiging van Koningin Wilhelmina in 1898
Wilhelmina 1898
doek gemaakt t.g.v het huwelijk van Wilhelmina & Hendrik 1901
Wedding  Wilhelmina & Hendrik 1901
doek gemaakt in 1923 t.g.v het zilveren jubileum van Koningin Wilhelmina
silver jubilee 1923


doek gemaakt voor het bezoek van Koningin Juliana & Prins Bernhard aan Suriname 1965

textile made to commemorate the visit of Queen Juliana & Prince Bernhard to Suriname in 1965
doek gemaakt in 2013 t.g.v de inhuldiging van Koning Willem-Alexander (beperkte oplage)
textile made for the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander 2013 ((limited edition)