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Wilhelmina in the year 1896

At the beginning of 1896, the 15-year-old Wilhelmina began to develop into a young woman, this also included a different hairstyle. Up until then she had always worn her hair loose on her shoulders, in February of that year photos appeared of the young queen with a chignon and short fringe. A chignon is a bun that is worn at the back of the neck. She had had the fringe for some time, but her hair-up style was new. This made her look more like a young lady. The photo’s of the young queen in her new look were made on february  14th 1896 by Hans richard Ferdinand Kameke.

Later that year in October, Wilhelmina would make her public confession in the Reformed Church. During this Protestant practice, the believer publicly testifies to his or her faith. This was something she was seriously preparing for. During that period she abstained from all kinds of public ceremonies in order to be able to properly prepare for her spiritual formation.

Once a week she was taught church and biblical history at Paleis Het Loo from the court chaplain Dr. G.J van der Flier, queen Emma was usually also present.

On October 24, the ceremony took place in The Hague, in the lower hall of the palace, where 110 guests were invited.

Two days later the Holy Communion was celebrated by Wilhelmina in the monastery church in The Hague, during this supper the suffering and death of Jesus are commemorated by the eating of bread and the drinking of wine.

Her faith would continue to play a very important role in Wilhelmina’s later life.

Also in that year the first souvenirs came on the market with portraits of the young Queen in her new look.

Here some examples:


Some commemorative souvenirs  of  Wilhelmina in her new look.