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Tobacco use is known in the Netherlands since ca 1580 it was smoked in clay pipes. Clay pipes with a relief decoration began ca. 1630.

The earliest known pipe relating to the House of Orange dates from 1652 and was made to commemorate the wedding of prince Frderik Hendrik and Amalia van Soms.

When members of the House of Orange became Stadholders pipes with decorations relating to the House of Orange became more popular. They were used to display their political preference. These clay House of Orange pipes were made for all the Stadholders, Kings and Queens to date.

At the end of the 18th century the porcelain factories in Germany began making porcelain pipes, sometimes beautifully hand painted. These were called Stummels. The more luxurious pipes had a silver or golden lid. For example a stummel was made for the inauguration of king Willem II in 1840 with a 18 carat gold rim and lid.

Stummels were also made with portraits of King Willem II, King Willem III and Queen Wilhelmina.

The cigar industry started in Spain in 1717. But cigar smoking became popular in the rest of Europe after 1812. Cigarettes became popular in Europe after the Crimea War (1854-1856).

But the cigarette industry really started to get big when a cigarette machine was invented in 1880. After World War II people smoked less cigars and more cigarettes.

The tobacco industry has always used the popularity of the House of Orange to promote its products. For all kinds of Royal events special editions were made. For example cigar boxes and tins, cigarettes boxes with the portrait of Her Majesty on them and many more items related to the tobacco industry with portraits of the Royal family on them. Since smoking is not done these days these sort of commemoratives are not made much anymore.

In 2013 a series of pipes were made as collectibles for the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander purely for display and not for use.

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porseleinen pijp of stummel gemaakt in 1840 t.g.v. de inhuldiging van Koning Willem II. De deksel is van 18 karaat goud.
Porcelain pipe or stummel made to commemorate the inauguration of King Willem II in 1840. It has a 18 carat gold rim and lid.
stommel met portret Koning Willem III 1874
stummel met portrait King Willem III 1874


sigaretten houder met portret Koningin Wilhelmina ca 1890

cigarette holder with portrait of Queen Wilhelmina ca 1890


Kronings sigaren 1898

coronation cigars 1898



doosje 1898

Wilhelmina  clay pipes made by Goedewaagen &son. These were made to order by the Dutch New York society. In 1899 when they held their annual dinner all members found this special made box next to their plate with two Queen Wilhelmina  pipes.



Kronings sigaretten en lucifers
sigaren doos t.g.v het huwelijk van prinses Juliana en prins Bernhard 1937

Cigar box made to commemorate the wedding of princess Juliana & prince Bernhard 1937.


Doos met 3 pijpen t.g.v de troonswisseling in 2013

Box with 3 clay pipes made to commemorate the inauguration of King Willem_Alexander 2013

2013 pijpen