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1) The Porceleyne Fles factory in Delft made a 2 different polychrome plates for the inauguration of Queen Wilhelmina, both hand painted. Neither went into production.

2) Carel lion Cachet who was the chief designer for the Distel factory from 1911 until 1938, designed a plate for the silver jubilee of Queen Wilhelmina. This design was made in various colours but never went into production. Only a few plates are known to exist (info from the Goedewaagen museum).

3) The owner of Polmann Art Galley situated in the city of Nijmegen We have in our collections a few items made with the intention of putting these not general production for sale to the general public. Following the trial it was decided not to put them into production because they were to labour intensive to make.commissioned plates and beakers for several Royal occasions. These two beakers made for the silver jubilee of Queen Wilhelmina were hand painted and were decided too expensive to make, thus were never offered for sale in the gallery.


L. Cachet bord 1923 in groen en bruin
L. Cachet plate 1923 in green and brown
L. Cachet bord in oker en donkerblauw
L. Cachet plate in dark blue and oker yellow
L. Cachet bord in beige en bruin.
L. Cachet plate in creme and brown

informatiebron: Keramisch Goedewaagen museum

L Cachet bord in blauw, groen en bruin
L Cachet plate in blue, green and yellow
2 Pollmann plateel bekers 1923
2 Pollmann plateel beakers 1923
Achterkant Pollmann bekers 1923
Revers  Pollmann beakers 1923
Pollmann merk op onderkant
Pollmann mark
Porceleyne Fles bord Wilhelmina 1898
Porceleyne Fles plate Wilhelmina 1898