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The Royal Leerdam glass factory has produced some rare glass commemoratives for the inauguration and different jubilees of Queen Wilhelmina.
In 1898 they made various engraved drinking glasses for the inauguration but also a gin carafe with the portrait of the young Queen.


Jenever kruik inhuldiging Koningin Wilhelmina 1898.

Glass gin carafe inauguration Queen Wilhelmina 1898.

In 1923 Leerdam designer A.D. Copier designed a glass for the Queen’s silver jubilee. The purple and blue glasses are very common but there are some variations which are less known. Here some examples:

A.D Copier glazen 1923.
A.D Copier glasses 1923.
A.D Copier glazen 1923.
A.D Copier glasses 1923.
advertentie voor de A.D Copier glazen.
advertising for the  A.D Copier glazen.
Copier also designed a glass for the silver jubilee in 1923, there were only 100 of these glasses made, which is very rare to find. The glass is hand painted by A. J van Kooten a well known glass decorator at the factory.
Zeldzaam 1923 glas oplage 100 stuks.

Rare 1923 glass only 100 were ever made.

In 1926 Copier designed the orange Beer Beaker to commemorate the silver wedding anniversary of Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik, again made by the Leerdam factory.

Oranje bierbeker t.g.v het zilveren huwelijksfeest van Koningin Wilhelmina en Prins Hendrik.

Orange beer glass made for the silver wedding of Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik 1926.

In 1948 Copier designed a glass goblet for the golden jubilee of Queen Wilhelmina .
Research by the National Glass Museum has discovered the drawings for this pressed glass goblet by A.D. Copier, but it seems that the item was never offered for sale. Possibly due to an insurmountable problem with the production of this design, the factory seems to have given the whole production away to schoolchildren in Leerdam. This is a very sought after item.

1948 press glass goblet that never went into production.
1948 press glass goblet that never went into production.

Information source: National Glassmuseum, The complete works of A.D Copier.

Also in 1948 the factory made a glass dish for the golden jubilee. The dish was only given as a gift to the ministers who were in the government in 1948. Not many were made, the designer is unknown.

Glazen schaal uitgereikt aan de toenmalige ministers in 1948 t.g.v het gouden jubileum van Koningin Wilhelmina.